2,000 people conferred Irish Citizenship in Killarney

  • People from over 100 countries receive Irish Citizenship today
  • Ministers welcome opportunity to confer Citizenship following Court of Appeal ruling
  • 260 people from UK receiving Irish Citizenship

Citizenship Ceremony - December 2019Today in Killarney, almost 2,000 people became new Irish citizens.

In two separate ceremonies at the INEC in Killarney, applicants from over 100 countries received their certificates of naturalisation, and took the oath of fidelity to the Irish State.

Speaking at the first ceremony, Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan TD, welcomed Ireland’s newest citizens, and impressed upon them the importance of this day, which will be a milestone in their lives. He said,

“Becoming a citizen of one’s country goes to the essence of our democracy and constitutional principles – principles which I as a Minister of this Government have the honour to uphold.

“Today, you will take an oath of fidelity to our nation and loyalty to our State. You will do so in the knowledge that this relatively young State – still less than a century since our independence was gained – is a place of culture where traditions are cherished and history is ever-present. And be sure, too, that this State is a place of diversity and openness.”

The Presiding Officer at both ceremonies was retired High Court Judge, Bryan McMahon, who administered the Declaration of Fidelity to the Irish Nation and Loyalty to the State.

The new citizens also undertook to faithfully observe the law of the State and respect its democratic values.

Addressing the new citizens at the second ceremony this afternoon, Minister of State with responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton TD, said,

“You are now beginning a new journey and a new phase of your life as our newest Irish citizens. My earnest wish for each and every one of you here today as you embark on this new phase, is that it will be a journey full of hope and full of optimism with a bright new future as members of the great Irish global family.”

This is the second year when large scale citizenship ceremonies have been held outside of Dublin.

Details of future ceremonies and the process for applying for citizenship can be found on www.inis.gov.ie


Notes for Editors

At the ceremonies today in INEC, approximately 2,000 candidates from 103 countries will receive Irish citizenship.

The Gleneagle Hotel Convention Centre, Killarney, is the new location for large scale citizenship ceremonies going forward.

Citizenship ceremonies were first introduced in 2011 in order to mark the occasion of the granting of citizenship in a dignified and solemn manner.

Since the ceremonies were first introduced, there has been a total of 145 ceremonies (including the December 9th ceremonies) with people from over 180 countries receiving their certificates of naturalisation.

To date, including minors, approximately 127,000 people have received Irish citizenship since 2011.

Top ten nationalities for Citizenship Ceremonies on December 9th in Killarney.

Nationality Total
1 Poland 317
2 United Kingdom 260
3 Romania 184
4 India 169
5 Nigeria 97
6 Brazil 74
7 Latvia 67
8 Philippines 51
9 United States Of America 50
10 China (Including Hong Kong) 48