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The Common Travel Area (CTA) is comprised of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Ireland.

Within the CTA, Irish and British citizens can travel freely.

There is generally no segregation of arriving passengers at Irish airports and seaports. Consequently, Immigration Officers performing immigration control duties at airports in the State do not know where passengers have travelled from when such passengers present at immigration control desks. It is, therefore, necessary for Immigration Officers to establish where passengers have arrived from, and in order to do this, an Immigration Officer may ask passengers questions with a view to establishing their nationality and port of embarkation.

Once satisfied that a person is a citizen of the CTA and that the person has travelled from the United Kingdom, the Immigration Officer will make no further requirement of that person. In such circumstances, a person entitled to avail of the CTA, can assist the immigration officer by the production, if in their possession, of a boarding card or documentary evidence as to their name and nationality.