Please note that the content on this page relates to the Family Reunification for holders of International Protection (IP) only. Family Reunification for visa required applicants, other than holders of International Protection is a matter for the ISD Visa Division. Family Reunification for non-visa required applicants, other than holders of International Protection will be a matter for the ISD Domestic Residence Division.

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What is Family Reunification?

Family Reunification under the International Protection Act 2015 gives certain family members an immigration permission allowing them to live in Ireland with the holder of an international protection declaration.

Can I apply for Family Reunification?

You can apply for Family Reunification under the International Protection Act 2015 if you have received a current declaration as a:

  • Convention Refugee
  • Programme Refugee or
  • Beneficiary of Subsidiary Protection

Applications for Family Reunification must be made within 12 months of you receiving one of the above declarations.

For example, if the date you received your declaration was 1 January 2018, then you must have made your application for Family Reunification on or before 31 December 2018.

Which of my Family Members are allowed join me?

You can apply for the following family members to join you in Ireland:

  • Your husband/wife, once you were married before you applied for refugee status in Ireland
  • Your civil partner, once you were in a civil partnership before you applied as a refugee in Ireland
  • Your child, if they are under 18 and not married
  • If you are under 18 and not married, then you can apply for your parents and brothers/sisters*

*Brothers/sisters must be under 18 and not married

How do I apply?

You must apply in writing to the address below:

Family Reunification Unit
Immigration Service Delivery
13/14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
D02 XK70

Please provide the following information with your application:

  • Your Name, Person ID number and address
  • For each member of your family
    • Full name
    • Relationship to you e.g., husband/wife, daughter, son
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Current address

What happens after I apply?

When we receive all of the information listed above, we will send you a Family Reunification questionnaire. You must complete the questionnaire within 28 days and return it to us. The questionnaire will list the original documents you will need to send to us.

Your application for Family Reunification will then be looked at by a member of our staff and you may be asked to give more information. When we have finished checking your application, we will write to you with the decision.

What happens if my application is approved?

If your application is approved, we will issue you with a grant letter. This letter will give you all the details you will need in relation to:

  • Obtaining travel documents for your family

  • Obtaining visas for your family

  • Registering your family with the Garda National Immigration Bureau/Immigration Service Delivery Registration Office on arrival in the State.

What happens if my application is not approved?

If your application is not approved, you will be notified of this decision by letter. This letter will give the reasons why your application was not approved.

In what circumstances may a Family Reunification Permission be withdrawn?

  • If your family does not enter Ireland by the date mentioned in our grant letter
  • If you no longer hold a declaration as a refugee or beneficiary of Subsidiary Protection
  • If you are no longer allowed to remain in the State
  • If you give false or misleading information or documents
  • In the interest of National Security or public policy

Contact us

If you have any questions in relation to Family Reunification that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]. Please include your Person ID and clearly state that your question is for the Family Reunification Unit.

Please note that status updates on applications will not be given out by email. Please note that the Family Reunification Unit does not have a public office and is not in a position to deal with callers in person.

All contact must be by email, or post.